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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 20, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hey, everybody, i'm beth trout man. we have thee best videos from the web "right this minute." >> woah, woah, woah! >> a terrible accident leaves the car charred and burning with the driver trapped inside. who jumps in to get a grandmother out alive. a cop finds a driver passed out in the -- >> drive-thru lane in a restaurant. >> why not even lights and sirens wake this guy. >> man, he's a hard core sleeper. >> oh, good night. this little girl inspire a
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new social media challenge. a new hashtag called seeing through blind. how people around the world are lending a voice to save a eliza. dad pulls the got your nose trick. >> works every time. >> why this time it works too well. heroic acts caught on camera on the i-10 in mississippi. watch this. dash cam rolling. watch ahead. >> woah, woah, woah! >> woah! >> yeah. drir going wrong way who t-boned the fuel tank of the semitruck which is why you see a giant explosion there. >> woah, woah, woah! >> that is horrible. >> you see a huge mess on the road. look at the smoke, the flames, all the other cars stopped. >> it like exploded into pieces. >> right here, the car that t-boned the semi, charred and
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burning with the driver trapped inside. >> oh. >> check it out. people don't know what to do. eventually, you hear somebody say you know how to use it? that person is talking to david frederickson, a truck driver who stopped the rig. he's got a fire extinguisher there, runs up to the scene, clearly there before the first responders, police, or fire department, runs up to the burning car and starts using the fire extinguisher on the vehicle, gets the door open, and other people are helping. it was a grandmother inside, suffering a broken leg, was trying to kick the door open. also, her 1-year-old granddaughter inside. thanks to david, they were able to get her out of the car safely. they were able to get the granddaughter out of the car safely, and the guy says the granddaughter was in good spirits, very sweet, of course, and the grandmother, very thankful for this rescue as well. everyone okay. the only injury, only major injury, the driver with the broken leg. everything else just cuts and
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bruises. police ape fire department show up, and by the en, look at the car. >> thank goodness for the fire off for a split second to get the people out. how about a safety psa? i call this one failure to exit. posted by, a group of sky divers in the plane ready to go. >> [ bleep ]. >> he's hanging. >> he's hanging by one of the restraints. he's got this red safety restraint attached to him. >> here it is from the guy's point of view. he's hanging by his chest restraint, according to the commenters, is not designed to take that kind of load.
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>> so he could have lost the parach is that hooked to that? what if it stayed hooked, and he didn't? >> what if, but none of that happened, if you noticed, the sky diver gives a thumb's up quick to the buddy and continues the dive safely. the message here? always check your safety. >> [ bleep ] >> what a wally. you guys might remember adorable little eliza o'neil suffering from a rare genetic disorder. her family started a go fund me page because they believe there's a cure. if they raise enough money for a clinical trial, researchers believe this could be eradicated, but it's so rare, only about 2,000 children have this disorder worldwide that there's not a lot of funding for research. they raised more money than anyone in go fund me history, but they still have about $700,000 to go.
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the latest viral trend for saving eliza, helping them raise the much needed money they deserve, there's a new hashtag called sing to byline. this is what it's about. ♪ we are young ♪ set the world on fire >> that's little eliza singing we are young by fun. she's singing about two lines of the song. her dad, who is great at this wholed idea of getting awareness out, he came up with the hash tack, sing two lines. sing two lines of a song, donate 50 buck, and nominate five people to do the same thing with the hashtag, sing two lines. this is from an awesome singer singing "ahead of us." ♪ we have it all ahead of us
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>> well, that's intimidating. >> she just threw it down. >> yeah, right. >> these guys are singing "every man needs a companion" by father john. ♪ every man needs a companion >> so we wanted to get in on it and inspire our viewers to not only donate, but to also sing two lines and challenge friends to do the same. we took requests from around the office. the number one most requested song for the rtm hosts to sing? "we are family." >> we should use this as microphones. ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters with me ♪ we are family ♪ get up everybody and sing
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>> now we nominate all of our viewers, not just five people, all of our viewers to do the same i think. hashtag "sing two lines," post that video, and then nominate five of your friends. $50 to the cause. we're going to save eliza. ♪ carry me home >> [ bleep ] that, my friends, is a police officer banging on the window of that vehicle because the driver decided to pass out inside. >> oh. >> [ bleep ] passed out. >> pay attention closely, you notice that person is actually on the drive-thru lane in a restaurant in california. >> does he have narcolepsy? >> maybe.
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takes the officer several attempts. [ horns ] [ sirens ] >> wow. >> he's not waking up? he's out. >> now, there is an antidui they arrted 28 people. this, looks like, was one of them. he was eventually arrested for suspicion of a dui. >> he didn't have to go through a check point because he was just -- there he is, sleeping. >> wow. someone dialled in, and a [ bleep ] was sleeping in the drive-thru. he doesn't wake up worth a [ bleep ], that's the west for you, don't drink and drive. >> to have to get up there and perform in front of the whole wedding party? >> see dancing for the bride
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not to labor the point, but this sale ends soon. ♪ mattress discounters here he comes, coming down the street we believe to be in new zealand, hits the ramp with speed, up and over, forward front flip, down on your head. >> oh, why?
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>> he could have used some sort of softer landing. he was intending to only do a single front flip, over row kated, landed on his hand, fractures two vertebrae. he says he's going to recover okay. he did not receive spinal damage. at first he thought he was pa l paralyzed. he says he'll recover, will be okay. >> another bikist, a downhill mountain biker on a twisty, back and forth switch back ride. all going well, gaining speed, but -- >> ah! >> oh, no. hits a boy. >> oh, no. >> comes up and over the crest of the large dropoff. the biker immediately notices, but sad part is the biker and the little boy choose to go to the same way to avoid each other. the mountain biker, no chance of stopping, but kudos to the little guy who doesn't even make
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a peep. he does not cry. mom comes running over, and he's fine. it looks like he could have be a broken foot, but pops back up, mom rescues. >> a brave boy. hardly a frown on the face. >> i got to also point out, though, it was a good move by the biker because when he hit him, he pulled up the front tire to, like, prevent the wheel from going over the boy, like he lifted it up over him. according to the short discussion between mom and the rider, sowned like the boy had fell off the bike before this incident. >> sorry. >> no, no -- >> he fell off, and the was try move the bike. >> no, no, i saw him and was just like, oh. a checklist for a groomsman, you have to walk a pretty bridesmaid down the aisle, have a good time, and now there's another duty. they doing this to what makes you beautiful by one direction.
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♪ you're insecure ♪ don't know what for ♪ you walk through the door >> this is from seth who wanted to give his new bride, natalie, a special dance at the wedding reception in quakertown, pennsylvania. check out the moves. >> this would make me nervous. i'm not a great dancer. being a groomsmen has responsibility, but to get up there and perform in prompt of the whole wedding party? >> this was coordinated by asher, the brother and best man of the groom, so here's the thing, some of the groomsmen live in wisconsin, the groom lived in north carolina. the wedding was in pennsylvania. they were still able to pull all the moves together. >> who cares if you can't dance, give it your own flair. obviously you are not dancers. >> i would have to. >> the job of the groomsman is not as u easy as it used to be. >> i like this part, he's playing the girl, and then the bride gets so excited, she's,
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like, i have to get out of the chair, and they make her sit down because they need her to stay thereecause they lift her and the g beautiful. >> oh, that's a lot of responsibility. you don't want the bride face planting to the floor from that high. >> they are off to a good start. he wanted to do nice stuff for her. keep doing nice stuff for her. if mama's happy, everyone's happy. sometimes you need couples therapy to work out some things, personal therapists for what you have going on, but what about friendship therapy? >> that's called drinking, isn't it? >> they decided we are good friends, but we need therapy because we have issues. >> i just feel like -- see, you do this again. you just put your foot on me, like, you literally put your foot on my hand. >> i have long legs. >> is that my problem? why should that be my problem? >> this is a web series about
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two best friends who go to therapy to work out their issues, but the series is raw and unscripted, it's improvised. all their communications are on the fly. >> this is not your strong point. >> am i supposed to tip? >> yeah. >> why? >> she didn't do anything to give me -- i'm not the government. >> i have to pay for it, and i don't have a lot of money. >> why do you feel you have to take a lot from me? >> this is fun. all the sudden, you're in a therapy session talking about tipping. i bet that happens. >> it's nice to see. i feel like these days, friendships are too disposable. there's a button for that these days, unfriend. >> that's true. this series has been out for a while. this is the second season. they recently started a campaign to raise funds to continue their series. they are getting a lot of attention. people do like it, but it does cost money to produce these web
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series. they are asking for ten grand because that would sponsor their entire next season. hopefully they get what they need because the series is actually pretty funny. attack of the drone. not so pretty. >> oh! why? oh! >> see when the drone bites back, next. he's crying because he's been tricked big time. >> works every time. the kid is just devastated. >> see how he was had on "right this minute."
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typical park fight. flying the phantom 2. see him there. that's armando. >> looks happy. >> yeah, perfect place to fly. trees to avoid, but the drones are nimble, fly easy in and out of the trees. a good day practicing flying the drone. there, looks like it falls down a bit, but this is far worse than it looks. watch what happens next. the camera's still rolling, drone rests in the grass. you see the blood pouring out of his arm? >> oh! why? oh! >> one of the blades get him? >> yep, tried to catch it in
3:52 pm
midair, he's done it before, got complacent this time, and there was different propellers, carbon fiber propellers, which are firmer, and he just got caught. >> oh! >> the phantom had the little protectors on it, the prop guards, but he still got caught. >> look at that. >> he has to take the socks off and use it as a tourniquet, hopped in the cab, got to the hospital, and you see pictures. two cuts, the big one there, and another small stitch has the propellers went around quickly to cut the arm. >> my goodness, who knew they were so deadly. >> dad's are protectors, right? there to be a goo example, raise you. >> take your ear off quick? look, there it is. >> oh, that old stole your ear
3:53 pm
trick. [ crying ] works every time. the kid is just devastating. >> what's wrong? should i put it back on? >> don't you remember being baffled by this? it got me. when i was little, oh, my gosh. >> here, i'll put it back on. there, there it is. feel better? >> yeah. >> started cries immediately. >> yeah. >> want him to do it again? >> yeah. >> such a good sport. >> should i get the nose this time? i can pull your nose off. >> yeah. >> okay. [ crying ] >> gets him every time. the poor little bubba. >> i love the courage, though. even though he was terrified. he's like, let's do it again. >> i'll put it back. okay. hole still, hold still.
3:54 pm
okay. >> i think it's so hilarious the parents get a kick out of this tortured little boy making him think he's losing body parts. >> if there is such a thing, this is good torture. >> true. >> let me see the nose. oh, it looks good. thrill seeker, adventure junkies, this is for you. >> one bridge, two guys, a lot of danger below. >> too far to the left or right,
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♪ thrill seeker, adventure junkies, crazy people, this is for you. from the lower bridge at livermore falls in maine, this guy's got a point of view camera out there with buddies, some fren. they are going to jump off this thing. the video posted by a guy named'ian bren i spsh ian. >> too far to the left or right, he might hit the rock. this is a beautiful location, right? look at the water, right? you can see rockins in the wate. you have to be in the middle or you'll get messed up. a lot of work for a little jump. eventually, they get to the spot to jump, and when you make it out, what do you say before you jump? something cool, right?
3:58 pm
>> why am i doing this? >> he blanks in that moment of time. >> do they say how high they are? >> 65 to 70 feet up. that's what they wrote in the youtube video. that's seven stories. comes time to jump, and they sort of don't have anything creative to say. >> i don't know what to say? see ya. >> that might be it. >> what was more difficult? gets up there or figuring out what to say? i think it was figuring out what to say. >> you see the guy's face at the end of the video having a fun summer afternoon. >> yeah. that's our show. edition of "rtm." what the?
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>> today on "dr. oz," laugh it up with the most outspoken women in showbiz. dr. oz: we're taking on the funniest headlines. >> there's nothing different and >> how to have better sex with a sore back. dr. oz: get your spine in line for a good time. next on "dr. oz." dr. oz: hey, you, yeah, you, i see you. down that phone. yes, you with the cell phone. and you on the computer. that second screen and look right here because i've got a funny show